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Omara I'm in tears writing this. Omg thank you so much for bringing me and my family back together. I went to so many people for help and all of them used me and I got zero results. I saw you on TV and decided to call you and that was the best decision i've ever made. Thanks for doing the money candles to ,our finances are top grade now. You are a true angel. I know I gave you a very hard time because I was so skeptical and afraid because of past experiences. I love you Omara and i'll alway be grateful for your girf,love and compassion. I'd reccomend you to the world.

Love Erica H

"I've been reading with Omara for four years now. She is honest, caring and non-judgemental. Omara told me my boyfriend was going to be my husband. He is now my fiancé. You have to give her a call." 

                                                          -CB, Warner Robins, GA

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I had my first reading with omara today 11-13-2018 and was shocked out of my pants, she told me things that was so helpful and so amazing. I was a little scared to be honest because i never did this before, but her voice was so angelic and beautiful that it made me feel like i was talking to my best friend only better lol.. Thank you Omara that 30 min with you was the best ever and i will call you again this week The spiritual cleansing was the best thing that ever happened to me also.. You've made a believer outta me.

- Charles, Orlando, FL

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Omara I don't know if you read these things but i want to tell you that you truly saved my life. My life was a mess untill i found you. My boyfriend was in jail and i was torn to pieces. You gave me the tools to get everything the way i wanted and i thank you so much. I would still be miserable if it wasn't for you. You helped me get him out of jail and I'll love you forever.


- Elaine, Albany, NY

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Spoke to omara 3 weeks ago about my catering business and why i am not makiing money she told me what and who was holding me back and she was right very on point and professional wil call again thanks omara.

-Isaiah, Miami, FL

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I spoke with Omara on yesterday and told her my boyfriend left me. She stated no worries by the next day we were a loving couple again. I also had the cleansing which gave me clarity and attracts positiveness in my life. Omara you are the truth and thank you.      

-Anoynomous, TX

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Omara i'm in tears as i'm writing this, i had never believed in this type of thing until i spoke to you. I had questions about who i am since i was a child. I never understood why i was like this until you made it clear. Being gay was very hard for me to except and you made me learn to love myself and accept that god made me beautiful. Everyday i think of your words and all i can do is smile. I went from being suicidal to now being a manager of a fortune 500 company. Omara i also want to thank you for the cleansing. I felt like a new person instantly. Omara i love you forever and i will continue to call you every week because you have no idea what you mean in my life.

thank you for saving my life.. love Rich

Love always Anita

What our customers are saying


Wow what can i say Mrs.Omara when i spoke to you the first time the first thing you said to me was ( no more crying) My husband didn't commit that crime and u knew it instantly. You told me what happened and who was involved before i could even ask. You gave me the tools to be able to spiritually help my husband to be free today. If it hadn't been for you my baby and i wouldn't be a family anymore. I owe you my everything , you are amazing and you are worth what you charge and soooo much more. I have lost so much money with other people and when i was referred to you by a pastor, i knew there was more to you. I feel so blessed to have you and thanks to you i just found out im expecting another child. My husband and i think the world of you and i pray that you are forever blessed and continue to help others with a smile and unselfishly. Thank you Omara we love you dearly.

Love always Anita

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